Intforestday 2017 boomplantdag 2017

  27.03.2017   Arch Viz, Artist Impression, CG
  • Intforestday

@DrieDee Graphics we plant new tree’s every day. #boomplantdag 2017 #intforestday #ForestPack

Apartment building Eglantier

  14.11.2016   Arch Viz, Artist Impression, CG

For Van Ouwerkerk Architecten we made some artist impressions for a apartment building. On the ground vloor there is a supermarket and some other shops. And on the other levels

Animation Vorstenbosch Bunkering in practice

  7.11.2016   Animation, CG, Video

For the VT Group we provided an animation that reveals how the bunkering works in practice. The animation was part of the content we made for het Blue Road App.

Artist impression Villa Portugal

  3.05.2016   Artist Impression

For Motus Architecten we provided some artist impression.

Animation deck equipment Kooiman Marine Group

  24.03.2016   Animation, Video

For the ITS venue in Boston we made an animation. showing off the different deck equipment innovations that the the Kooiman Marine group develop for anchor handling on deck.  


  22.02.2016   Animation, Arch Viz, CG

In this cooperation between Platipus Augmented Reality and DrieDee Graphics we developt an AR App for Stichting Bureau Voorlichting Binnenvaart. In this app you can have a look around in

DrieDee Graphics Tagged in Asphalt 8

  10.11.2014   CG

The Savage Rivale GTR is now available in Asphalt 8, DrieDee Graphics provided the 3d model and texturing.